ELCO Lighting EL1493MW 4" Adjustable Metal Step Baffle Trim White EL1493MW


Elco Lighting EL1493MW 

EL1493MW  Product Description

4" adjustable metal step baffle with metal ring. For use with MR16 lamps with GU5.3, GU10, and PSA37.

Adjustable Metal Step Baffle, 25° tilt.
Lamp: MR16 with GU5.3, GU10, and PSA37.
O.D.: 4 3/4".

Meticulously manufactured trim with a powder coated or anodized finish.
Baffle helps reduce glare.

Installation: Clips securely mount trim into the housing and keeps ring flush with ceiling.

Compatible Housings:
4” Dedicated LED with PSA37: EL49FICA, EL490ICA, EL490RICA, EL492ICA, EL492RICA.
4” LED Bi-Pin Low Voltage MR16 Housings with LED MR16 Bi-Pin GU5.3 Lamp: EL1499LDICA,
4” Bi-Pin Low Voltage MR16 Housings with MR16 Bi-Pin GU5.3 Lamp: EL1499ICA, EL1499ICA-277,
EL1499ICEA, EL1499ICA-L, EL1499IC20A, EL1499IC35A, EL1499A, EL1499EA, EL1499-277A, EL1499-20A,
EL1499-75A, EL1499RA, EL1499REA, EL1499AJICEA, EL1499R-75A
4” LED MR16 GU10 Housings for Use with GU10 LED Lamp: EL49FICA-GU10, EL49LDICA, EL49LDICA-7,
4” MR16 GU10 Housings for use with GU10 MR16 Lamp: EL49FICA-GU10, EL49ICA, EL49A, EL49RA

Lamp: Compatible with MR16 with GU5.3, GU10, or PSA37.

About Elco Lighting

Founded in 1991 by its president, Steve Cohen, ELCO Lighting develops and markets lighting products for commercial and residential applications. Founded on the philosophy that high-quality commercial and residential lighting should be sold at a fair market price, Elco Lighting has designed and engineered lighting for residential and commercial spaces for almost two decades. Their product line includes track and recessed lighting fixtures, exit and emergency lights, under cabinet lighting, wall packs, step lights and more.
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