NORA Lighting NHCB-620LE1 6â€‌ Cobalt High Lumen (1500lm & 2000lm) Non-IC New Construction Housing - 120V 2000lm (34W) NHCB-620LE1


NORA Lighting NHCB-620LE1

NHCB-620LE1 Product Description

6" Cobalt Dedicated new construction housing for use where insulation can be kept 3" away from housing. The housing is dedicated and labeled for use with Cobalt High Lumens series.

Light Source : LED
Lumen Output: 1000-1900lm, 2000-2900lm
Aperture Size: 6"
Application: Downlight
Construction Type: New Construction, Non-IC
Options: Emergency, ENERGY STAR certified

Plaster Frame: High quality 0.040 aluminum die cut one piece frame.
Housing: 0.040 aluminum housing adjusts to maximum ceiling thickness of 1-3/4" (45mm). Spring brackets accept
torsion wing trim springs.
Air Flow Restriction: Housing has factory installed gaskets to restrict airflow from room into ceiling plenum to <2CFM
(cubic feet per minute) in accordance with ASTM-283 Air-Tight requirements.
Bar Hangers: Two 13-3/4" to 24-1/2" adjustable bar hangers with captive nails are included on frame. Bar hangers are parallel to junction box, but can be repositioned 90º perpendicular to junction box if desired. "L" Shaped bar hanger foot to align to bottom of construction joist. A T-Bar notch allow for easy installation in a suspended ceiling.
Junction Box: Prewired 25 cubic inch 0.064" thick galvanized steel, with seven 1/2" knockouts, four Romex® pryouts,
and snap on covers. All leads are #18AWG wire, the ground wire is connected to the bottom, and quick connectors are
supplied on all leads. Through branch circuit wiring, (4-in, 4-out).
Non-Insulated housings require a minimum clearance of 3" from thermal insulation and 1/2" from adjacent building
Input Voltage: 120V or 277V
Operating Temp.: 0˚C to 45˚C ambient temperature
Delivered Lumens / Wattage:
15 = 1797lm / 21W @ 3500K
20 = 2676lm / 34W @ 3500K
(Delivered lumens will vary depending on CCT and finish)
Dimming: 0-10V dimming
Emergency LED Driver (BSL17C-C2)
Up to 7.5W emergency illumination with LEDs.
Illumination Time: 90min
Voltage: 120/277 VAC, 60Hz
Output Voltage: 15.0-50.0 VDC

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