Nora Lighting NHIOICD-415LE4 4 Inch Iolite High Lumen IC Air-Tight New Construction Housing 1500lm for $80.88

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Nora Lighting NHIOICD-415LE4

NHIOICD-415LE4 Product Description

olite dedicated LED New Construction housing for use in insulated ceilings can be in direct contact with insulation. Air-tight construction provides energy savings by reducing the flow of air through the ceiling. Patented design allows for easy, tool-less removal of the driver.

· IC rated for direct contact with insulation**
· Quick connect provided for electrical connection to the LED reflector
· ASTM E283 for Air-Tight
· Patented driver assembly


0.040” Aluminum housing with patented driver assembly, allows for driver to slide out without tools. Housing can be installed in 1/2” ceiling thickness, an extension collar is available for ceiling thickness up to 2”, must specify NIO-4EXTC2. Housing allows for access through top plate, for driver maintenance/installation above ceiling.

Air Flow Restriction:
Meets requirments of Air-Tight (AT) <2CFM (cubic feet per minute) in accordance with ASTM283 Air-Tight requirements.

“IC” Insulated ceiling housings are direct contact rated. Not to be used in direct contact with spray foam insulation.

Bar Hangers:
Two 13-3/4” to 24-1/2” adjustable bar hangers with captive nails are included on housing. Bar hanger brackets are parallel to junction box, but can be repositioned 90˚ perpendicular to junction box if desired. “L”-shaped bar hanger foot to align to bottom of construction joist. A T-bar notch allows for easy installation in a suspended ceiling.

Junction Box:
Pre-wired 25 cubic inch 0.064” thick galvanized steel, with seven 1/2” knockouts, four Romex® pryouts, and snap on covers. All leads are #18AWG wire, the ground wire is connected to the bottom, and quick connectors are supplied on all leads. Through branch circuit wiring, (4-in, 4-out). Access above ceiling required.

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